About Us

The idea for the Honky EDC Brand comes from a friend’s Christmas tradition. What better way to tell you our story, than to start with his story!

He grew up poor, and his family had a tradition of giving “honky boxes” at Christmas time. Instead of expensive presents, it was a box or a can or a jar stuffed full or random goodies. Old screws and nails, candy, pocket knives, keepsakes, coins – almost a purge of the junk drawer, but with some special goodies mixed in.

Now that he’s an older gentleman, that’s how he still gives gifts to family and friends. Small, quality, heartfelt gifts mixed with a random sampling of other items – each picked with love. It may look like a junk drawer, but even the junk has a purpose.

The idea behind the Honky EDC brand is to provide the quality thoughtful gifts, like HonkyHanks, handmade high-end handkerchiefs for all of your everyday carry needs. HonkyOil, handmade essential oil blends for a variety of uses, and HonkyGear, practical everyday carry items.