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15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

As you prepare for the Holiday season, we wanted to help guide you in the right direction as you try to get the right gift for the men in your life!

Gear: The truth is, we man love gadgets and gear. Check out these Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

  • Pocket Knife – Any pocket knife will do – but if you want to get him something special – shoot for a Case!
  •  Tools – Honestly, even when we have a ton of tools, we could always use more. It might be worth asking what tools in particular we need. But you can’t go wrong with a tape measure, a screwdriver with interchangeable bits, a rachet set (standard and metric) and a tool box. We may already have these things, but we could always use another set for another purpose!
  • Keybar – This is a fantastic tool for a man’s pocket! No more jingling keys!

Books: Here’s a list of books for men you should add to your holiday shopping list

Food: The way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach. Why not get him one of these Christmas gifts for men?

  • Jerky –  Most of us LOVE Jerky. You really can’t go wrong here.
  • Coffee  –  Spring for the “good stuff” – try Death Wish Coffee or a subscription service
  • Gift Certificates – Why not spring for a gift certificate for our favorite restaurant? Try the local non-chain place you know we like – or something fun like Five Guys or Chipotle

Grooming: Everybody needs it. Christmas gifts for men can often be about “cleanliness”

  • Gift Certificate to a local barber – not a “hair stylist” – a BARBER. Get him a hot towel shave and a hair cut.
  • Cologne – Some of the best manly scents out there aren’t a lot of money. In fact – the expensive stuff often smells like cat pee. Try the men’s section at Bath and Bodyworks. They also carry goods from CO Bigelow – much of that has a barber-fresh scent.
  • Beard Oil – Even if he doesn’t have a beard – there are oil blends out there – including our own HonkyOil blends that can be used for any number of purposes!

Everyday Carry: It’s more than just a cool trend on instagram – guys are carrying handy things in their pockets and go-bags on a daily basis – from guns to good luck charms.

  • Ammo – Find out what he carries, and get a box of ammo for his gun!
  • Hanks – Grandpa used to carry a hank to blow his nose – but carrying snot in your pocket is not what today’s “Hanks” are for.  They’re great for wiping noses, sure, but also for just about every use you may need a towel or rag, but they’ve got a collectible and fashionable side.

Honestly – most men are happy with your time and your attention. A gift that shows you acknowledge them, and the things they care about doesn’t have to be pricey, and it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture.
Find out what they care about, and find the thing that acknowledges the man they are!